Disappointed with Carl Greenidge’s statements

Dear Editor,
Please permit me to comment on the statements made by Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge as it relates to the re-migrant programme.
The Minister alluded to the fact that his Ministry does not have the capacity to implement the systems necessary to regulate and monitor the re-migrant programme. I was dismayed at this remark by our Minister, as in my opinion any trained and qualified accountant is capable of developing, designing and implementing an efficient and effective control system for the programme. This can be achieved in consultation with the Guyana Revenue Authority and the Finance Ministry.
It is ironic that having removed capable and qualified personnel from the Ministry, the said Minister complains of qualified people not available to undertake this programme. I am aware that after a prolonged service in the Ministry, individuals were denied a renewal of their contracts based solely on assumptions of political affiliation or in some cases clear evidence of ethnicity.
Unfortunately, qualified accountants that served the Ministry loyally and who are capable of undertaking all the ills of the ministry that the Minister bemoans, were unceremoniously removed in order to put square pegs in round holes. Despite the actions taken by the Minister, I am aware of many who would return to their former position in order to serve their country and ensure that the MOFA is capable of moving forward.

Khalil Ahmed