Do you need guidelines to say what is an inappropriate gift?

Dear Editor,
To be appointed as Ministers and Members of Parliament, and to be addressed with the exalted title of “Honourable”, if you still cannot fathom what is an appropriate gift from the public purse, then it is crystal clear that you were never fit to hold that office.
For the Opposition Leader to excuse the wanton spending on gifts by the Giftersons Ministers, by asserting there is need for clear guidelines in regard to gifting, reflects the moral bankruptcy of the APNU +AFC Coalition.
Every holder of public office should possess an innate moral compass to guide them on the appropriateness of accepting gifts. It is commonsensical.
You are placed there to oversee the spending of taxpayers’ money in a way that would enrich and better their lives and their communities. Never should public funds be spent in a personal capacity by public officials.
You are adequately compensated by way of a grand salary, Prado, housing, etc. Further, it is an electoral pledge of wanting to give service to the public altruistically that makes one an incumbent Minister. It is all about public service, and nothing about personal aggrandisement. You do not need guidelines to tell you that, once you are in high public office, it is inappropriate to accept personal gifts.
I always wonder if we would ever have a leader like Jose Mojica, who drove his old Volkswagen Beetle to work when he was the President of Uruguay, lived on his farm, and never took a salary or “gifts” during his presidency. I wonder what clear guidelines did he need to be humble, honest, and dedicated to selfless public service. Guess you do not have leaders of his calibre anymore.

Yours sincerely,
Reggie Bhagwandin