Doctor needs to step back

Dear Editor,
The doctor claiming political gimmicks and racial discrimination in the path to block her licence to practice needs to step back and do some serious self-introspection, in order to step out again.
While it cannot be denied her right to work is enshrined in the Constitution, it seems the good doctor is not entirely blameless and may have in some ways contributed to her present situation.
Certainly, getting into a ‘big Facebook drama’ with a colleague over another colleague, escalating to a ‘big cuss out’ is not behaviour and conduct of a true professional as it is not only a blemish on one’s character, but it brings the organisation into ridicule and disrepute. The account did not say whether the other party involved in the ‘Facebook drama’ was called before the Council to explain her conduct or if any disciplinary action was meted out.
It is hoped this matter is resolved satisfactorily and the doctor can pick up her life once again. I wish her all the best.

Shamshun Mohamed