Dog escapes with dead infant from Diamond Hospital

Diamond Diagnostic Centre on the East Bank of Demerara
Diamond Diagnostic Centre on the East Bank of Demerara

A bandoned moments after his unfortunate death, the body of a premature baby was brusquely dragged out of a public hospital and dismembered by a stray dog.

Monday morning was supposed to be a special moment for the expecting mother who was rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre on the East Bank of Demerara (EBD) to deliver her baby.

The woman, whose profile was not disclosed to this publication, gave birth to a feeble infant, severely underweight at just 22 weeks.

Due to the premature birth, the baby succumbed to organ failure just minutes after being born. Health authorities who spoke to Guyana Times alleged that the distraught mother wanted nothing to do with the dead child and told hospital staff to take care of his disposal.

It is assumed that hospital staff was negligent and improperly disposed of the corpse within the building, which led to a stray dog wandered in and making a meal of the dead infant.

The badly damaged body was later discovered in the hospital’s compound.

Sources explained that it remains uncertain exactly what transpired after the baby died and before the infant’s body was discovered lying on the cold concrete in the hospital’s compound.

“A mother went in Monday, tek in to deliver and she was 22 weeks pregnant, so however, the baby wouldn’t ah live. She give birth to the baby and the baby died at the hospital. Because it’s a premature baby, it couldn’t ah survive so the baby die. So after the baby die, she didn’t want the baby to take anywhere so the baby remained in the custody of the hospital and as such, the hospital is supposed to dispose of the carcass properly. Which they did not do.

They just throw it down anyhow, and the dog came in the hospital and started to eat it and the dog eat its head off. I don’t know exactly where they put the dead baby. But after the dog eat its head off, it drag the body in front of the hospital,” a source revealed, noting that was all the information he had on the incident.

Meanwhile, attempts to garner a comment from the Hospital’s administration and the Public Health Minister proved futile.