Don’ ke’ dam…

When Burnham plunged our country into the racial turmoil in which we’re still mired, he offered his rationale in a pithy, if brutal, folk saying: “Back to back; belly to belly; ah doan give a damn; ah done dead a’ready!” Meaning, of course, he’d long decided that he would seize power by any means necessary and having cut a deal with the “imperialists” after launching his X-13 terror plan, there was no deed foul enough to faze him anymore! He wasn’t concerned about denunciations, internal or external – “he done dead a’ready!!”
There’s no question that Granger’s following the script that Burnham bequeathed him as he and his party piss all over the Constitution, the country, the people – and of course, the CCJ. Internally, Granger has battened down the hatches even tighter than Burnham: the Police, Army and civil service are all still poised at his beck and call to put down any protests civil society might try to muster in support of the Opposition.
But on the “external” front, your Eyewitness wonders where Granger’s getting his “spunks” from?? While we know about the supposed international “norm” of non-interference in other countries’ affairs, we know too that’s as big a piece of fiction as “Gone with the Wind”!! In the real world, of sharks and sardines, little fishes look at cues from the big fishes!!
Back in the day, Burnham could count on the Americans to turn a blind eye to his excesses because all he had to do was point to Jagan and ask, with a smirk, “You want HIM to take over??” That was a time when the Cold War was on – about whether capitalism or communism could piss furthest. But it was only “cold” in the two antagonists’ homelands: in shithole countries like ours and the Congo, it was hotter than that place down under where the fella with two little horns keeps stoking the fire with his trident!!
There’s no question, of course, about who owns the trident nowadays and even though the age of ideology is long dead and buried, there’s a new interest that’s even more fundamental in play – OIL!! So the real question is whether the power-that-be will give Granger a free pass, like he obviously thinks they will, from the way he’s carrying on!! Your Eyewitness don’t think they will. While one of their presidents famously (and approvingly!) described one dictator acting in the mould of Granger as, “He’s a son-of-a bitch, but he’s OUR son-of-a-bitch”! –  with the PPP showing they have enough political nous to know which side their bread is buttered, there’s no need for “sons-of-bitches”!!
Granger has overplayed his hand, and will be slapped down.

Some folks are all het up that Caricom hasn’t made a squeak since the PNC-led Government’s been blithely sticking their middle finger at the CCJ’s judgement on the NCM! After all, a quick Google search showed Caricom recently condemned terrorism in New Zealand; violence against children; and Trump calling Haiti a “shithole country” – so why condemn not the dissing of a major institution which it created??
Now they can’t say they don’t want to interfere in our “internal” affairs when back in 1998, they sent a group of Caribbean wise men to broker the “Herdmanston Accord” between the PNC and the PPP, after the former claimed electoral hanky panky. The PPP had two of their five-year terms snatched away – not to mention conceding a host of power-sharing institutions to the PNC. So what was different then? Well, for one, the PNC had come out into the streets and were creating mayhem to life and limb – with property thrown in for good measure!
So is Caricom signalling they need to be signalled by some PPP extra-parliamentary activities??

…media workers
Your Eyewitness was intrigued by the story of the British High Commission commiserating with media workers who’re traumatised by stories they cover – and suggested psychological counselling.
Yes…dealing with the PNC and their bullyism is a bitch!!