Don’t cut your nose and spoil your face

Dear Editor,
With the expected increases at gas pumps, transportation operators are demanding an increase in fares. Not to be excluded from this demand are hire car operators in Berbice (GT Mar 15). Private operators hold fast to the view because they are unregulated, they can increase fares as they see fit.
While their strong clamour might not be unreasonable, in view of the prevailing circumstances, however, what might be viewed as unconscionable and unreasonable is unilateral, unofficial structure demand for increases to become effective immediately, which have been met with resistance from commuters.
Instead of trying to find a compromise, the operators have resorted to parking their vehicles. The comment by one operator that should their demand not be met then they will be “forced to park our cars and everyone will have to walk” is most unhelpful. Don’t cut your nose and spoil your face, is my response to that comment, for while commuters will be inconvenienced by having to walk, operators too will feel the consequences of their actions – no work, no income.
Price increases must be approved and authorised by the relevant agency and commuters, without whom operators can generate no business, should be given some advance notice.
It serves no good purpose to resort to undemocratic means and every effort must be explored in arriving at a mutually agreeable outcome.

Shamshun Mohamed