Dr Yesu Persaud’s contributions to CCWU

Dear Editor,
A veteran and business stalwart died on January 16, 2022. The Clerical & Commercial Workers’ Union (CCWU), on behalf of its executives and members, wishes to extend its deepest condolences to grieving relatives and friends of Dr Yesu Persaud, who gave solidarity to the Clerical & Commercial Workers’ Union in 1962; and, as a result, the union was able to gain recognition at some major firms, such as Sandbach Parker and the Bookers Conglomerate, for many years.
A great friendship and brotherhood was established among Dr Yesu Persaud, the late Gordon Todd and the late George De Peana.
Dr Persaud’s passing is also a great loss to our beloved country Guyana, as he served at all levels with distinction. He was a stalwart in pioneering a better Guyana and political reconciliation for the citizens of our country.
At the end of life, what matters is not what we bought, but what we built; not what we got, but what we shared; not our competence, but our character; and not our success, but our significance.
May his soul rest in peace!

Yours faithfully,
Sherwood Clarke
General President,