Dragging …out PNC troubles

The longer this intra-PNC brouhaha continues, the more it provides more grist for your (insatiable) Eyewitness’s mill; he’s (nobly) thinking of the consequences for our national well-being. He’s that kinda standup guy!! Just when he thought there could be no more turns in this “he seh dem seh” story, up comes the news in the dailies that a group of PNCites have declared themselves to be “elders” and having the authority to “settle the story”!! Along with the women’s arm – the National Congress of Women (NCW) – and the Guyana Youth and Student Movement (GYSM).
Now, your Eyewitness had known about the tradition of “elders” in Christian churches — persons valued for their wisdom, who hold positions of responsibility and authority in Christian groups. Then lo and behold (as the Bible says!), Hamilton Green of the PNC had suddenly started signing his letters to the press with “Elder” as his title. Now, when he first saw that, your Eyewitness’s reaction was that even if the PNC had suddenly been transformed into a bunch of choir boys and girls – miracles can happen, innit?! – Green was the last person he would’ve figured for a candidate!! But then they say the best thief-man makes the best policeman!!
So, who are these other Elders to pronounce judgement on Norton and his accuser, Vanessa Kissoon from Linden, who’d been one of his most vociferous backers in 2014 against Granger’s candidacy for PNC leader!! Up to now, your Eyewitness has heard about past Minister Yvonne Harewood-Benn and past leader and Dep PM Robert Corbin. But don’t Green and Corbin have some strikes against them when it comes to women that would’ve disqualified them if they were being selected for, say, jury duty??
Seems to your Eyewitness that most of the concerns expressed by the Elders are about the survival and strength of the PNC. So, it looks like they’ll be making recommendations that’re gonna focus on that aspect, rather than the substantive allegations made by Ms Kissoon!! Meaning that, most likely, she’ll be asked to act for the “good of the party” – which would be to withdraw the allegation of sexual harassment!! One troubling announcement was an acceptance that the Inquiry would be extended beyond the Congress, and, as such, Norton would be going into the leadership sweepstakes with his feet shackled by the allegations!!
This is akin to the Elders and others having their cake and eating it too!! Norton gets clobbered by the bad publicity, and they get to virtuously smirk that they were seeking “truth”!! Don’t forget that there’s no love lost between Norton and Green, Corbin and NCW’s Volda!! Revenge, they say, is best served cold!!
Anyhow, your Eyewitness has stocked up on popcorn as he awaits more turns!!

…in sugar experts
Pres Ali announced that help is here to assist the new management of GuySuCo to rebuild its depleted resources and bring back production to respectable levels. “There are 12 specialists from Cuba, and seven technical persons are expected from India; (they’re) specialised in mechanisation, field management, agro-management, and crop management. These technical people will be embedded in the management system to support the modernisation and transformation of the sugar industry,” the President said.
Now, what this shows is that the Government is committed to the industry; but your Eyewitness wonders whether their own success in boosting the overall economy would not take away from their goal in sugar. Let’s face it: no matter how they mechanize production in Guyana, our topography and waterlogged soil conditions will place a cap on that element – and people are still gonna be needed.
So, the question is: will GuySuCo be able to keep them down in the fields once they’ve seen the bright lights of oil in the new economy?? Choices!!

…teachers strikeout
After striking for some seventy days, teachers are supposed to be back in their classrooms next Tuesday. Their main demand for “retro” going back to 2019 wasn’t accepted. So, what did they gain?? August holiday with pay?