Dragging their feet…

…but digging their grave
It was a bit surprising the PNC’s still insisting the elections be dragged out – via their unilaterally appointed GECOM Chair, James Patterson – after they and their partisans universally squealed that Irfaan Ali was the easiest candidate to beat!! If that’s so, why don’t they accept the clear directive of the Constitution and have elections in three months? All they’re doing is delaying their certain defeat, that’s what!
And there are so many reasons for this. Right off the bat, the PNC doesn’t have a candidate! And that’s exactly why General Secretary Amna Ally had to rush out with an announcement that David Granger’s their candidate! Has she suddenly qualified as an oncologist to predict what’ll happen by the time Granger gets to the fifth cycle of his chemotherapy for his Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma? Not even the big guns at Sloan Kettering are able to predict with any degree of certainty Granger’s prognosis a year down the road. We may all HOPE he’ll be better, but there’s that huge area of uncertainty, greater than the one Heisenberg declared for predicting the speed and location of electrons!
Knowing this, the PNC’s scared sh*tless of the inevitable, vicious infighting that’s about to break loose as the several factions prepare for their internal Armageddon!! Basil vs Volda? Harmon vs Basil vs Volda and Basil? Corbin throwing his hat back into the ring? The mind boggles and eyes glaze over at the combinations and permutations!! The PPP, on the other hand, was able to pull off a smooth process for their presidential candidacy with their CC voting for Irfaan with an enormous margin that should put to rest any talk of “influence”, but won’t. After all, what else keeps the PNC going but hatred at the success of Jagdeo?
Another reason why the PNC’s shooting itself in the foot with its foot dragging on elections is they’re giving the PPP more time to thumb their noses at them for being unable to get any convictions amidst all the hoopla (not to mention the billions spent!) about PPP “corruption”! On the other hand, PNC’s corruption – like the latest one amounting to billions involving Burnham’s son-in-law and underinvoiced fuel – is popping up like jumbie umbrellas!
The PPP will have a field day in a year’s time about real PNC corruption!
Rather than the shade being thrown by the PNC on the PPP!

…as the economy implodes
The biggest fallout from the PNC’s foot-dragging on elections, however, could be the implosion of the economy as they fiddle while the economy implodes and they place all their economic eggs in the first oil basket.
Take a sector of the economy – ANY sector – and if you scratch the surface, you’ll see the effects of the PNC’s bumbling. Agriculture’s a good example. The greatest damage has been done to this strategically important sector. But which the PNC sees as a PPP redoubt and as such, must be destroyed. Much as Sherman did to Southern agriculture as he retreated. Burn and destroy was his cry as he saw imminent defeat looming. Like the PNC, he didn’t want to leave anything to give sustenance to the “enemy”!
Never mind that the coastland was made habitable and suitable for agriculture by the blood, sweat and tears of our forebears. And it’s a sacrilege to their memory for such land to revert to bush. Four of the sugar estates have been shuttered and were supposed to’ve been sold by now. What happened? Ineptitude stepped in, that’s what! Imagine only after the closures did the PNC realise by the time they conducted a “valuation”, the fields and canals would deteriorate so much as to make them practically worthless.
So they borrow $30 BILLION to prepare the estates for sale!! And won’t spend a cent by next year as interests are paid out!!
Even their partisans won’t forgive that!

… on constitutional reform
From the angst displayed by many of their supporters, foot-dragging on Constitution reform could prove to be the Achilles heel of the PNC Regime.
Thanks to Nagamootoo!