…and dumber
Folks had been wondering why would a grown-a55 man like Mingo agree to try to pull off the heist he first attempted at Ashmin’s. And when the Court bitch-slapped his sorry a55 and told him to get it right, did the same thing once again, but this time with a soiled bedsheet!! Imagine his stopping in mid-stream with the last 378 SoPs for Reg 4 and he decides to add an average of 50 votes to the APNU totals, using the old Lil ABC technique of altering similar looking numbers. Like 123 to 228!! Didn’t he think this would be immediately picked up in a recount??
It was so dumb that Mingo’s name has now become a verb for describing a royal screw-up!! Urban Dictionary now has this entry to illustrate: Person 1: “I stayed up late last night to study but I couldn’t concentrate that well. “Person 2: “You’re gonna Mingo that test”!! But your Eyewitness wonders why he hasn’t been fitted with silver bracelets and an orange jump suit and carted over to the Camp Street Red House.
Now you’d think after all the jokes made at Mingo’s expense, his cohorts in the PNC/AFC – they’ve morphed into an indistinguishable blob, now that Ramjattan and Nagamootoo have been banished to Hubu Backdam – would think twice about going down that slapstick road. But you’d have wasted a thought!! In fact, now that the recount’s in full swing, one or the other from a select ambitious coterie of second-string players step up daily to the media tent outside the ACCC to offer what can only be described a “slapstick comedy routine”!!
Maybe they’re making up to the media after the shitty accommodations GECOM banished them to in the cow pasture? One thing for sure is they’ve been so inept with their “narratives” – the new buzzword in political circles – that the very young media corps have lost whatever respect they might have harboured towards government officialdom. How can you stop from snickering after someone tells you (appropriately after hiding behind a mask!) that they have evidence of “hundreds of dead people voting”, and is only able to produce one death certificate and when that’s tracked down, while the dead person was on the OLE, it hadn’t been “checked off” the “pink list” as having voted?!!
But now to top it all, Mingo has been joined by a fella appropriately named “Ming” in the political pratfall routine. Maybe we should call them “Mingo and Mingoer” after that Jim Carrey starrer “Dumb and Dumber?? Lots of folks thought that Ming wouldn’t stoop so low with his “bloated” claims.
But when billions of US dollars are at stake, some are willing to bend over even lower!!

…Chronic editorial
Imagine the Chronic running an editorial: “The truth about the PPP’s attempt to steal the election.” When it comes to the PPP, run by Nagamootoo and his shill the DPI, the Chronic would not know the truth if it crept up on them and bit them on their behind!! OK, your Eyewitness knows most folks buy the Chronic – especially in these COVID days – just in case they run out of toilet paper!!
And what was this “truth” on the heist of the elections? That it’s not about “the unsubstantiated allegations against Mr Mingo”. You read that right, Dear Reader: “unsubstantiated”!! So, what about the recount of all those boxes representing the last 378 SOP’s Mingo messed with, showing that he systematically-inflated APNU votes and deflated PPP’s?? That don’t count?? So, how else would you “substantiate” the Mingoing but by what we’re seeing every day in the recount??
The Chronic insisted: “This publication holds no brief for the Coalition.” That’s right: they hold its Bukta!

…PNC decision
When the PNC signed onto the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative early on in its administration, they signalled a pivot away from the US and towards China.
And confirmed it with the Chairmanship of G77 and China and now kicking out the Carter Center. Dumb!!