Duo found in hotel parking lot: Substance found in car with dead men confirmed as cyanide

The relatives of Richie Hansraj, 25, of Hague Backdam, West Coast Demerara (WCD), and 34-year-old Justin Teixeira will have to wait a little longer to know the cause of death of the two men since the samples taken from their stomachs are yet to be sent overseas for testing and analysis.
This was revealed by Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn, who told reporters that he would have met with one side of the affected family during which he informed them that “a position” is expected within a week.

Dead: Justin Teixeira and Richie Hansraj on one of their trips together overseas

In addition, with respect to the substance found in the back seat of the vehicle has confirmed the presence of cyanide. This was stated in release issued by the Home Affairs Ministry late Friday afternoon .
Earlier in the day, Benn told reporters, “The reagents and the other issues in relation to doing that specific test were not resident at the forensic laboratory; it was not among the range of tests they would have been doing.
“There were efforts which were being made to bring in some rapid tests kits, I think we may get one tonight (Friday) or early in the morning (Saturday) for the forensic laboratory.”
Benn also stated that the Police are also checking with other private laboratories to determine if they have the facilities to conduct such test.
It was reported that the autopsies performed on the bodies of Teixeira and Hansraj were inconclusive and as such, the families were instructed not to cremate in case they need to exhume them to conduct further investigations.
In light of this, samples from their stomachs were taken and are expected to be sent overseas for analysis. The bodies of Hansraj and Teixeira were found in the wee hours of Saturday in the parking lot of the Marriott.
Following the discovery, it was revealed that Teixeira had reportedly suffered a seizure moments before midnight, and his relatives were alerted.
It was reported that an employee of the Marriot Hotel reported that they received a phone call from Teixeira’s mother at about 23:30h, informing them that the flight attendant was having a seizure and asked if someone could check on him.
Another employee was sent to Teixeira’s room on the sixth floor but it was empty. The hotel staff then went to Teixeira’s vehicle – a black Vezel motor car (PAC 2607) – in the parking lot, and the gruesome discovery was made.
Teixeira was reportedly sitting in the driver’s seat, and all the windows of the vehicle were halfway down. The employee said he opened the front passenger door and discovered Hansraj sitting in a crunch-like position.
Both the Police via 911 and an ambulance with an EMT were summoned to the scene, where the two men were pronounced dead by a doctor. The Police said no marks of violence were seen on the exposed parts of the two bodies.
However, video footage showed that the two men were seen leaving the hotel together just after 22:00h but returned some 50 minutes later. Upon their return, the two men never left their parked vehicle, video footage has shown.
Meanwhile, as the news broke about the discovery of bodies, American Airlines spokesperson Laura Masvidal confirmed that Teixeira was not, and has never been, an American Airlines employee. Teixeira had claimed that he was a flight attendant at AA for the past 12 years.
A senior official when contacted explained that anyone can get their hand on an AA lanyard for ID since it is sold at the airline’s brand store. More so, she stated that AA Flight Attendants are always dressed in an aviation blue uniform.
Once the results are back, Hansraj and Teixeira will be cremated.