E-bikes and licensing

Dear Editor,
I have read many negative comments surrounding the usage of electric bikes in Guyana. There was news from the Traffic Department that riders must have a valid motorcycle licence; and recently, Hon. Attorney General Anil Nandlall planning to enact laws in Parliament to control the usage of e-bikes, all towards road safety and proper rules for riders and the other road users.
I am aware of the misuse of these e-bikes; e.g., children riding, no lights, non-observance of traffic regulations etc.
My letter is more to ask the Government to take a mature look at e-bike usage, and not disrupt the livelihood of our Guyanese brothers and sisters. The e-bike has become a Guyanese tradition, since it is an upliftment of our living standard.
People feel proud to own an e-bike. Some families have 3 or 4 e-bikes, as those have replaced bicycles. Females use them to take their children to and from school, and to run errands. Less affluent Guyanese use it to ride and sell, to go to work etc. On any given day, we see more than 200 e-bikes in use.
Husbands get a break because wives can assist, since motorcycles are tougher to use and they require a licence.
Please do not disrupt our people’s lives. Please think before you act, Hon. Nandlall.

Artist Allim