Eager to be rid of divisive politics

Dear Editor,
The People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) last Saturday held its biennial congress in which several persons emerged into leadership positions. This crop of leaders does not enjoy the confidence of the letter writer.
The Aubrey Norton landslide victory leaves much to be expected. It was Mr Norton, then a PNC executive, who daily embraced and defended electoral fraud and illegality in full view of this nation and, by extension, the world during the infamous five-month rigging attempt. Such is the historical nature of the People’s National Congress Reform in which Mr Norton boasts some 45-plus years of service. This leaves little to be expected.
Many Guyanese are wondering now if the replacement of Mr David Granger brings a different direction from the seemingly lost PNC, a political outfit whose track record both in and out of power is far from impressive.
This new PNC leader is sure to be unelected at any national and regional elections. It would be a herculean task for the PNC to regain its lost support. Most Indo-Guyanese and even others would never support Norton. For a multiracial country like Guyana, the likes of Norton are grossly inadequate when it comes to being able to foster unity and harmony in this beautiful land. This is evidenced by his past actions and utterances.
It was the PNC-led coalition A Partnership for National Unity and its puppet the Alliance For Change, who attempted the most daring electoral rigging in modern history; to the point of annexing power, violating the Constitution, setting a world record, destabilising the business climate, disrespecting the Guyanese people and damaging the image of the country and altogether causing undue hardship and burden in Guyana in the midst of a pandemic.
What this new generation of young educated Guyanese is interested in knowing is whether this new PNC leadership would accept the legitimacy of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic Government. This nation deserves a disciplined and responsible Opposition and given the irresponsible statements that continuously emanate from the APNU/AFC combined Opposition (in which the PNC controls) and their activists, both at home and abroad, it is clear that the wait for such will be longer.
Any aspirations and/or intentions of the People’s National Congress Reform returning to the reins of power, anytime, would be far-fetched and literally impossible. This is based on the PNC’s history and due to the fact that Guyana now boasts a more matured and educated Guyanese population, who are eager to be rid of divisive politics.

Yours truly,
Alvin Hamilton