Eagles go one up in Jaguar Conference Finals

…As Kwakwani tie Harpy Eagles Conference Finals

As the Conference Finals of the “One Guyana” Basketball League got underway at the National Gymnasium on Saturday, February 17, Stabroek Eagles emerged victorious, going one up in the Jaguar Conference Finals; and Kwakwani Untouchables managed to level the series in the Harpy Eagle Conference Finals.
The Stabroek Eagles won the game through their ability to convert basket-bound shots, and hold the Bounty Colts, who are renowned for their quick play. The Eagles led the game at its beginning, scoring 20 points, and their defence was crucial in keeping the Colts to just 19 points.
These attributes proved helpful to the Eagles in the second quarter, enabling them to score 18 points while restricting the Colts to seven points by consistently basketing the ball.
The Colts, however, dominated the third quarter by forcing a comeback and cutting the Eagles’ lead to one point; having scored 16 points to the Eagles’ seven.
But with 29 points in the fourth quarter, the Eagles went on to win the game with a final score of 73 points, while the Colts finished with a score of 21 points in the final quarter.
Meanwhile, with their lightning-fast play, the Kwakwani Untouchables tied the series and forced the Kitty/Campbellville Ravens into a third game of the Harpy Eagles Conference Finals. Leading 16–7 at the half, the Kwakwani Untouchables emerged victorious on the jump ball.
In the second quarter of the game, Kwakwani, playing up to the hype, scored 19 points to extend their advantage to 35 points, and limited the Ravens to 17 points for a total of 24.
A struggle ensued in the third quarter, as the Ravens seemed to slow down offensively, scoring 17 points for a total of 41, while the Kwakwani outfit, still playing at their peak, pounced on the defense and scored 23 points for a total of 58 points.
The game was heading into the final quarter when the Kwakwani Untouchables sealed the deal. They broke through the Ravens’ defense, scoring 11 points and finishing with a total score of 79 points, while the Ravens were able only to muster 10 points and a final score of 57.