ECC looking to improve with new equipment

The Everest Cricket Club has, over the years, been striving to become one of the best sports clubs in Guyana. Arguably home to the immensely successful Guyana Jaguars, the club has upped its line of equipment to enhance its pitch and playing field; and on Saturday honoured its generous donors.
The Everest Cricket Club was filled with much pomp and splendor as the recently elected club executives sought to honour those who have been generous to the club. The club received a 5 ton roller and an industrial grass cutter which have been instrumental in preserving the quality of the ground.
Assistant Secretary of the ECC, Riyad Sattaur, was the first to express his gratitude to George and Tony Subraj of Zara and J Austin Insurance.
“We’d like to show our appreciation and gratitude to the George Subraj Foundation, the Zara Foundation and the J. Austin Insurance for their generous donation in the form of the 5 ton roller and the grass cutter,” he declared.
In presenting the donors with lifetime membership cards for the Club, former ECC President Rajesh Singh spoke to the quality that the pitch and field has been able to attain owing to the availability of the equipment.
“The ICC pitch specialist recommended Everest so highly. We were thinking that it was mainly because of the ground staff. Our staff was asked to assist in other pitch preparation for the ICC women’s tournament in Guyana. Now, a lot of that had to do with the equipment we received and less work on the ground staff. So once again to the Zara Foundation, thank you guys very much,” Singh explained.
Meanwhile, newly elected President of the Everest Cricket Club, Manzoor Nadir, detailed the Club’s plans for the coming years, which will include expansion from cricket, venturing into other sports.
“The executive want to see Everest from fence to fence, from post to post, looking like the outfield for cricket. And the big project we have, which is going to run about 10 million, is putting lights to accommodate professional cricket, which we are hoping to do this year. So, all in all, it’s close to a 25 million programme over the next two years. We had one of the hardworking older leaders here, and he reminded us that, in Guyana, Everest never rests,” the ECC President disclosed.