ECD man critical after being stabbed by teen during argument

Twenty-four-year-old Shafeek Abdool was admitted in a critical condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital after he was stabbed about his body by a teen in the wee hours of Sunday at Non Pariel, East Coast Demerara (EBD).
According to reports received, the suspect and victim had a misunderstanding which resulted in the suspect arming himself with a glass bottle, breaking it and stabbing the victim several times about his body.
The victim was subsequently rushed to the medical facility where he was treated and admitted. Abdool reportedly suffered a puncture to the left lung.
The suspect, who was arrested, was also escorted to the medical facility to seek medical attention after crying out for pains about his body. He was seen, examined and deemed clinically okay.
He is presently in custody at the Vigilance Police Station pending charges.
Only a few days ago, 30-year-old Clifton Bhagwandat, a horse cart operator of Chateau Margot Squatting Dam, East Coast Demerara (ECD), was stabbed to death by a 26-year-old labourer of the said area.
It was reported that Bhagwandat went to the suspect, who is his neighbour, to purchase a pack of cigarettes but he was short of some money. This led to an argument between the men.
Police related that Bhagwandat reportedly snatched the money from the suspect’s hand, and said he was going to a Chinese shop to purchase the cigarettes instead.
In anger, the suspect ran into his home, picked up a knife, rushed to the victim, and began stabbing him about his body.
The injured man attempted to escape but he collapsed after running a short distance. He was later pronounced dead by EMT technicians. The suspect, however, made good his escape, but later turned himself in. He is expected to be charged with the capital offence this week.