Eco-friendly Christmas Tips

‘Tis the season to be sustainable’

Being environmentally conscious is not all about using fewer plastic bags; it’s about making everyday choices that would determine our success or failure as a species. This Christmas, let’s practise being more conscious about reducing pollution, protecting wildlife, conserving natural resources, and taking other actions that can help slow the rate of climate change and biodiversity loss.
What does being eco-friendly mean?
Eco-friendly literally means earth-friendly, or not harmful to the environment. In other words, being eco-friendly helps prevent contributions to air, water, land and noise pollution. Engaging in eco-friendly habits or practices by being more conscious of how you use resources would also have an effect on the environment and on people’s wellbeing.
Why should we be eco-friendly?
Earth is faced with much worse danger than it has in the past decades. Numerous reports show that human consumption of Earth’s natural resources has tripled over the last four decades. Oxygen depletion is on the rise, and so is the depletion of clean drinking water and other notable resources. Therefore, while undoing the havoc created overtime may be difficult, we can carry out some committed efforts to cut back on the rate of resource depletion, and save the planet from extinction. These efforts will, in turn, do the following:
– Preserve the environment;
– Save money;
– Save energy;
– Produce less waste; and
– Improve human lives.
Eco-friendly tips EPA recommends this Christmas
1. When planning your Christmas menu, try more plant-based dishes, as meat production has several negative environmental impacts.
2. Buying local supports the local economy by reducing fuel for transportation and paper & plastic used for packaging.
3. Reduce your lightings and displays, save energy and money on your electricity bill.
4. Take your reusable shopping bags when shopping.
5. Consider donating excess food to orphanages and shelters.
6. Reduce waste by buying in bulk and purchasing from local vendors.
7. Avoid disposable products.
8. Unplug lights when not in use.
What can you do to help with eco-friendly awareness this Christmas?
Planning is key to reducing your waste this Christmas, whether it’s your meal plan or saving in on your groceries and spending to cash in on those holiday deals. Remember to make that list, check it twice.
This year, the EPA encourages the general public to post the ways you plan to be eco-friendly this Christmas, and share it with us on our social media platforms, and with your friends.

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