Education Ministry finally fixes leaking roof

Smith’s Memorial Primary

Four days after Guyana Times published an article that the Smith’s Memorial Primary School’s roof was leaking, causing mass inconvenience for teachers and students there, the Education Ministry has announced that the issue has been rectified. The school is located on Hadfield Street, Georgetown.
Over the course of the weekend, a visit was made to the institution where the issue was identified and the aluminium sheet roofing was replaced. The students and teachers are now situated in a more comfortable environment and it is one that is dry.
In a statement to the media, the Education Ministry said, “Over the weekend, officials from the Ministry of Education Buildings Department visited the school…and rectified the problem. The leaks were identified and the old leaking zinc sheets are now replaced with new ones”.
Last week, during a visit to the school, teachers had expressed worry over the leaking roof which went unnoticed for months during the dry weather. However, after the rainy season began, students and teachers were forced to move around their classrooms to avoid getting wet.
In fact, the Head Teacher of the school, Lyodele Hamilton, was being interviewed in her office when she too was distracted by a leakage coming from above her.
She explained that the Education Ministry was informed of the situation since last term and had promised to rectify it as soon as possible.