Education Ministry practises double standard

Dear Editor,

It is sad to see what is happening to our education system here in Guyana. I read with disgust the situation with the sexual assault of a student by a teacher of Tagore Memorial Secondary School as reported by News Room on Facebook on the historic celebration of World Teachers’ Day on October 5.

But, I do not agree with the judgment made by the Welfare Officer, Miss Merlyn Alphonso on Facebook, who represents the Education Ministry. The matter is already before the Court and I don’t see why this Welfare Officer has to join in with other teachers of Tagore to shame and ridicule the Science teacher.

Mr Vishal Narine is the best Science teacher in the Corentyne and he received the prestigious Teachers’ Award at National Cultural Centre during the 50th Independence Celebration.

Tagore Memorial Secondary has a very good Head Teacher and the School Board works well with the school. They boost the performance of the school. I don’t know why persons on Facebook are trying to attack them.

The Ministry practices double standard and they pick stories to deal with and this looks like racism. The Head Teacher of Skeldon Primary School takes all the school funds and she always asks parents, children and the business people for money. The canteen vendor sells expired things and any hour of the day about 5-6 teachers can be seen relaxing on the front landing.

Are there extra teachers in the school? All the teachers from the school keep extra lessons at school, and each child has to pay the $500 for the lessons Saturday morning or else licks and embarrassment Monday. Much of the classroom work is done at the lessons, so who cannot afford lose out.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Mohanlall