Election a storm-in-a-teacup issue

Dear Editor,
The long awaited and overdue election was held. The outcome was expected amidst tinges of controversy, manoeuvres and shenanigans. The re-elected president, by a landslide, and core group executive (all re-elected) outwitted and outsmarted basic standards of elections conduct. Since when is the Voters List a confidential document? Whatever happened to claims and objections? Isn’t that a requirement, like paid dues?
Some antics on full display dispelled any notion that this election would uphold the hallmarks of an election. It’s over, done and dusted. Time to move on.
As an aside, what was so terribly wrong with having a cutoff date for the paying of dues and other voting eligibility criteria? This particular requirement, new in its introduction, was perceived as being a sinister move. A cutoff date was announced for persons to get themselves in order for upcoming elections. What was wrong with that? This particular issue was a storm in a teacup.

Shamshun Mohamed