Elections… rigging anniversary

Today’s the 3rd anniversary of that day of infamy when – in front of the representatives of the entire free world – the PNC barefacedly attempted to rig the March 2, 2020 elections!! At the end of the voting day, the PNC and their sycophants congratulated themselves on well-run elections, and insisted they’d won hands down. But on March 3rd, Reg 4 RO, Mingo, earned himself a spot in the PNC Hall of Shame!! He started his manipulations – we’re now told by PNCites – to fix a wrong being done to PNC voters – read African-Guyanese.
The elections had been rigged, they screamed, by the PPP, which had gamed the electoral system. Your Eyewitness wonders exactly how Mingo learnt of this during the night of March 2nd. Was it a birdie whispering into his ears?? Was it in a dream that he divined – leading him to launch a series of (nasty) events to set matters right – starting with the mysterious illness that had him being rushed to GPHC? And subsequently involved laptops, flash drives and spreadsheets that transmogrified his SoPs.
Or was it simply that the PNC had added up their SoPs and discovered they’d lost to the PPP??!! And Mingo was put into the hot seat to invent numbers to show the PNC had won? After he was slapped down by the courts and told to ensure the law was followed – to display the SoPs to the Observers – Mingo then resorted to the infamous soiled bedsheet to kerfuffle them once again!! In came the courts again, but by then Granger had agreed to a recount – to be supervised by Caricom!!
The PNC took another tack during the recount, and threw up all sorts of red herrings in the form of levitating dead and emigrant apparations voting for the PPP. As to how then Mingo divined the “CORRECT COUNT” – which showed the PNC winning, according to CEO Lowenfield – without benefit of the PNC’s “evidence”, which came afterwards – has never been explained! As the noose tightened on the elections heist, the justifications became more strident – and threatening! But after five months, the PPP eventually assumed office on Aug 2, 2020.
Later, one Nigel Hinds, who’d abandoned a new party he helped form because he didn’t want to give up his US citizenship! – finally fessed up. “(The PPP’s) continuing assault on the economic well-being of PNC supporters actually justifies the rigging of elections by Burnham and Hoyte between 1964 and 1992. It also justifies attempts by the Granger administration to disenfranchise the votes of PPP supporters in the 2020 elections. The efforts by Lowenfield and Mingo to undermine the majority vote is now defensible.”
Imagine that!!

…In Nigeria
Well, the voting is over, and now the votes have been called in Nigeria – and the new president is…drumroll… Bola Tinbu!! He’s from the ruling party, and received 35.6% of the votes cast. According to Nigerian law, the party that wins needs only a plurality of the total votes and at least 25% in 25 of the 36 states – plus the capital of Abuja. Tinbu pipped his opposition rivals Atiku Abubakar with 29% and newcomer Peter Obi who garnered 25.4%.
But just to make the point that was made by the Yanks in the sixties: that our politics would be more like Africa’s, the Opposition parties have claimed the elections were rigged, and they’ll be going to the courts to challenge the results!! The turnout was amazingly low at around 25% – signalling that Nigerians are pretty cynical of change in their bleak fortunes – after oil revenues for decades didn’t move them out of poverty.
Obi’s Third Force was supposed to be different, but his support among the youths wasn’t enough.

…in Guyana
Our elections, of course, are due in 2 years, and the Opposition have already declared their campaign strategy. They’ve obviously decided they can’t stop the PPP’s oil revenue-oiled election machinery, and will claim the elections gonna be rigged!!