Electorate must remember words uttered by James Bond

Dear Editor,
I read with trepidation Mr. James Bond’s lengthy missive in a section of the media of August 4, 2021 regarding the part Mr. Granger played in the election loss for APNU.
James Bond went so far as to say that due to their then President, they did not have “enough boots on the ground” on elections day. His meaning is clear and ominous.
He and his faction wanted Granger to intimidate the persons that would vote against the PNC, or did he mean that the army (boots) should have been used to hijack the boxes from polling stations and stuff them with fraudulent ballots?
He also wrote in the same paragraph that, due to Granger, there was a lack of preparedness to deal with the shenanigans of the PPP on elections day.
He and his party have been unable to prove any wrong doing on the part of the PPP on elections day. The only wrongdoing came from the APNU/AFC. Do we have to remind him of Mingo and his misdemeanors?
At this stage, I would like to thank God Mr. Granger was in charge on elections day and the five months thereafter, and not James Bond and his “supporters”.
I would advise the entire electorate to remember James Bond’s words from this letter on elections day in 2025, and consider the APNU/AFC leadership at that time before casting your vote if Mr. Granger is no longer in charge at that time.

Sincerely yours,
Shazad Sookram