Emergency works commence on severely-eroded Linden road

Emergency works have commenced on a severely-eroded section of the Burnham Drive roadway in Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice).
The repairs to the damaged part of the road, which is considered a main thoroughfare in the community, recently commenced following appeals by residents and regional officials.

A section of the road that is blocked to facilitate emergency works

Regional Vice Chairman Douglas Gittens has indicated that the works were being executed by the Public Works Ministry. Gittens, along with Regional Chairman Deron Adams, had made representations for repairs to the damaged section of the road. Owing to extreme erosion, a significant part of the road which is located in close proximity to the Christianburg and Blueberry Hill areas had disappeared. Prior to the commencement of works, a team of engineers and officials from the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) and National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) had assessed the level of erosion. However, Gittens indicated that a Linden contractor was also working on the project.
“They will remove the entire area and replace the sub-base. They will relay the asphalt and do revetment to the area that is being eroded,” the Regional Vice Chairman said.
Gittens earlier noted that it was not the first time the area had suffered similar damage.
“The last time they had a problem there was the culvert had collapsed, but they have a plastic one there now, but the point where they dug up the road was not fixed properly. So, as a result of that, it was undermined by the rain and subsequently, that broke away and it is now a serious issue of erosion going on there. It’s something that should be considered emergency work…,” Gittens had indicated.