Enough with the nonsense!!

Dear Editor,
The high level of hypocrisy exhibited by members of the Opposition is becoming so evident that the Opposition is losing its relevance for those in our nation that seek a high level of integrity and respect for the rule of law in our governance system.
The precursor to a loss of morality in our society is the loss of morality in leadership. Trying to steal an election and then suffering the consequences of international sanctions should be a humbling experience that corrects the path of those lacking the moral fortitude to make a decision that supports the integrity of our governance system. It is utterly hypocritical for those same people who planned and got caught attempting to steal the last elections to now turn to our citizens and say that they should be allowed to be a part of the same institution that they were trying to destroy.
There are elders who lead by a good example, and then there are those old crooks who have no place in our society. Those old crooks care nothing for our democratic process, and would steal the shoes off your feet if they get the chance.
If this group of scoundrels was so brazen as to try to steal the elections while the entire world was watching, then there is nothing good to be expected from them when it pertains to the finances of our nation. The way things are shaping up in Parliament, one can only conclude that these actions are a clear indication to the public as to whose brainchild it was, and who authorised the illegal rigging attempts to steal the last elections.
Clearly, these people can no longer be trusted by the international community, and more importantly, they cannot be trusted by our citizens. There is no place for dictatorship, disregard for the rule of law, and the extreme arrogance that is being put on public display by these old hypocritical crooks who are now trying to masquerade around as elders with high levels of morality.
Their actions do not match their words, and no one in good conscience that seeks decency and peaceful progress in Guyana should pay them any heed.
Those hypocrites are the same ones who always speak of big dogs coming from Linden whenever they are not allowed to bully the Government into doing their bidding. We must look beyond those that have led us astray in the past and that are trying to also mislead us now. It is not just in our best interest, but also in the best interest of the future generations of our country that we allow those who have proven their integrity to take the reins of leadership.
Unfortunately, the current leadership of the Opposition has shown that this continues to be lacking in their decision-making, which brings into question their true intentions. They should not be given another bite of the apple. The risks are too high, and if history has taught us correctly, with them in power, we will end up back in a dictatorial and impoverished country.
Their current display of disregard for democratic principles, as seen in their embracing of those who could not care less about those very principles, is a testament to their bad intentions. Furthermore, if you can’t properly count the votes correctly, then what good can you bring to our nation’s finances. No one needs those deliberate errors to also occur in our national budget.
The time has passed for those old crooks. Step aside and let those who truly value our citizens and the strength of character that comes with integrity take our country to the next phase. What the Opposition has done with their choices for Parliament will make the moral standing of their arguments weaker. Instead, they should have repositioned themselves in line with democratic values. No one in good conscience will vote for those who prefer to cheat to win an election, instead of endearing themselves with strong morals and policies that uplift the people of our great nation. Enough with the nonsense!

Best regards,
Jamil Changlee