ERC encouraged by Guyanese compassion, spirit of brotherhood

The Chairman, Commissioners and staff of the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) share the grief the Guyanese nation is experiencing as a result of the Mahdia Dormitory fire, and at this time of our country’s 57th Independence Anniversary.
Following the loss that night, families, Mahdia, neighbouring communities and our country are deprived of 19 of its very young, bringing unimaginable pain and grief.
Cognizant of the tragedy, the ERC is pleased that the traditional celebrations associated with Independence have been redesigned to a Night of Reflection, in keeping with the sombre atmosphere that has engulfed the nation.
The Commission is encouraged by the signs of compassion, maturity, and spirit of brotherhood displayed by all during this horrific tragedy.
The ERC wishes to also recognize and commend the show of unity and outpouring of support that was manifested through expressions of empathy demonstrated by concerned citizens from all sides; demonstrating that, as a nation, we can unite for a common cause.
The Commission reiterates on this Independence Anniversary that its prayers are with the grieving families and friends, who are currently suffering unimaginable trauma from their recent loss.
Let’s embrace solemnly this Independence Anniversary in peace and hope!