ERC remains committed to working with all stakeholders in promoting peace, diversity and tolerance

The Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) extends heartfelt appreciation to all Guyanese as we celebrate Labour Day, a significant occasion dedicated to honouring the contributions of workers across our nation.
Labour Day serves as a tribute to the hard work, dedication and resilience of workers from all walks of life, who contribute tirelessly to the development and prosperity of Guyana. It is a day to recognize the invaluable role of workers in driving our economy forward, building our communities, and shaping the future of our nation.
Trade unions regard the occasion as a time to take stock of the gains made and challenges faced by the labour movement over the past year. Their underlying focus is premised on workers’ rights.
Labour Day also provides an opportunity to reflect on the importance of unity and solidarity among workers of different backgrounds and ethnicities. In a diverse society like Guyana, we must come together in harmony to support each other and work towards common goals that benefit all.
The mandate of the ERC is synonymous with promulgating good relations within the work environment. The Commission therefore embraces any initiative to empower citizens of all ethnic groups through education and training, to equip them for Guyana’s accelerating economy.
The ERC remains committed to working with all stakeholders in promoting a work environment that engenders peace, diversity and tolerance. Let us recognize and celebrate the contributions of workers in every sector, and let us strive to create a society where every worker is valued, empowered, and treated with dignity and respect.
Happy Labour Day to all!
Ethnic Relations Commission