ERC remains in solidarity with workers, values importance of labour force

The Ethnic Relations Commission, (ERC), extends Labour Day greetings to all workers and salutes their invaluable contributions over time for the upliftment of the labour sector and the development of Guyana. The Guyanese working class experienced many painful and fatal challenges in its early years but the labour movement evolved, notwithstanding the adversity prevalent at the time.
The movement represents a significant segment of workers and its role as a critical stakeholder is invaluable in the ERC’s objective to promote ethnic harmony in the workplace. The ERC therefore, embraces any initiative to empower citizens through education and training to equip them for Guyana’s accelerating economy.
The Commission joins the social partners represented by government, employers, employees and the trade unions in recognition of their efforts to continuously improve the social and economic well-being of citizens; increase in productivity is achieved through the collective efforts of all.
The 1st of May is an occasion annually that honours workers in their struggles and the Commission remains in solidarity with them, and values the importance of labour in every sector of the economy.
Happy Labour Day to all!