Erosion in quality of life, struggles of workers evident daily – Ali

…PPP/C commits to rectifying situations to alleviate pains and burdens of populace

People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Presidential Candidate, Irfaan Ali is confident that his party will return to power and when it does, it will ensure that the hardships faced by many due to the actions of the APNU/AFC Administration are eliminated.
He was at the time speaking at the Enmore Martyrs’ commemoration ceremony on Friday evening. Ali told the gathering that presently, thousands of workers are suffering tremendously due to the hardships meted out to them by the APNU/AFC Government. On this note, he referenced the thousands of sugar workers who were sent packing after Government closed the sugar estates.
The PPP/C Presidential Candidate committed to the PPP/C easing the burdens of the populace when it is voted back into office at the upcoming General And Regional Elections in Guyana.
“Every single day we are seeing the erosion in terms of the quality of life, the quality of Government and the quality of services that workers are afforded in our country. Today, as we come here to celebrate the life of these great martyrs more than 35,000 families would have seen the breadwinner from their family losing their jobs. More than 35,000 people today in our country, 35,000 workers, are without a job in the sugar industry itself, we have more than 7000 who are directly affected”, he added.
Ali further stated that the struggles of the martyrs continue but in a different form – one with an independent country being managed by a dictatorial Government.
Ali posited that the struggles of those martyrs still continue but it is the inspiration of the struggles of these martyrs that continues to inspire the movement of the PPP/C to never sway from representing the working people and interests of Guyanese.
“We live in a time today when we see workers suffering, workers are paying difficult prices, as their democratic rights are eroded every day. Workers’ interest is not only about their jobs and their salaries, it is about the quality of life, the quality of service and the quality of Government that they are given.
In addition to the more than 35,000 workers who are without a job today, we are seeing that all the important sectors of our country – forestry, bauxite, rice, agriculture, on the whole, all these sectors, the mining sector, these are all the sectors that are on decline.”

A section of the crowd at the commemoration ceremony for the slain Enmore Martyrs on Friday

He also stated that the PPP/C is working on a strategy that it will implement when it returns to governance so as to return decent working conditions and better services to all Guyanese.
“No Government can ever be successful; no Government can ever be successful if they believe that their only responsibility is for a few top supporters in the management structure of the party because let me assure you that the gains by this Government is not even felt by their supporters on the ground.
So when we are returned very shortly in the Government, I want to assure you that we are going to return hope, development, progress, pride to every single community, every single home and the lives of every single Guyanese”.
The Presidential candidate highlighted that the negativities brought upon the country at the hands of the APNU/AFC coalition Administration have had devastating effects in every region across the country and that once the PPP/C is re-elected to governance, it will rectify the situation.
“The PPP/C very shortly will be returned to office and when we return to office, we will show this Government what is meant by governing for all the people in the interest in all the people.”