Errant engineer should be disciplined

Dear Editor,
No doubt, it was happening all the time: the engineer who admitted to falsely certifying works in 2016 (GT Nov 16).
The reasons proffered seem to be twofold: a perceived threat to job security, and having no opportunity to travel. So, it seems these circumstances overtook reason of right and wrong.
These reasons are flimsy and of no consequence, and are unable to justify the engineer’s failure to act honourably.
I am sure there was recourse for help, if he felt threatened. His actions are tantamount to aiding and abetting a criminal act. The regional authorities, it seems, were also complicit in the fraudulent act.
The PAC should recommend that some form of disciplinary measure be taken against the errant engineer, to send a strong message to others.
In the same article, it is alleged that the acting chairman threatened to mute the mic of comments he found unfavourable. This I found to be stretching one’s authority. Comments made respectfully and in context should be allowed without raising the ire of someone who feels he can shut up legitimate comments and questions.

Shamshun Mohamed