Escapees unlikely to get political coverage this time

Dear Editor,
Please allow me to express my condolences to the family and friends of the late prison officer Odinga Wickham, who unfortunately died after being shot during the recent prison fire/jailbreak.
This gentleman should not have died, especially given what has transpired not so long ago and had resulted in the deaths of 17 persons; and of course in 2002, when prison escapees fled the same prison, leaving their own trail of bloodshed.
The media are reporting that the Joint Services, including members of the army, are in search of the escapees.
This is good. I recall that, in the past, some protested when others called for members of the army to seek out criminals using Buxton as a hideout, and they receiving support from certain political quarters and elements in Guyana. The army’s presence there was both good and bad, in what was a complex situation.
In any event, perhaps political coverage may not be given this time. This is very instructive. Come what may, this issue of coverage for escapees is quite undying, at least for those who wish to see the nexus between politics and prisoners (and their associates).
Time would tell if villagers anywhere would oppose the Joint Services in defence of the escapees, as had occurred in 2002 et cetera.
In those days, the Police were portrayed by certain political forces as the enemy of the people. Meanwhile, no one really talked about the role of those very political forces in what occurred in 2002 and thereafter. Perhaps in 2002 the Camp Street Prison was a political tool.

Rakesh Rampertab