Establish in Iwokrama a larger garden with a library

Dear Editor,
I was recently remembering the last time I visited our Botanical Gardens, and remembered the lack of diversity in the garden’s plants. Guyana has a very rich variety of plants and flowers that only the tropics can offer. It would be nice to see this diversity on display throughout the gardens and parks.
The work that the First Lady is doing should be applauded, and she has brought renewed joy via her beautification project. His Excellency has found an excellent match, which the nation also cherishes. An undertaking that may also be worthwhile would be the establishment of a larger garden in Iwokrama, with a library. It would be a great addition to our tourism offerings, and make for an attractive tourist destination for intellectuals and those interested in environmental sustainability and botany.
We, as a nation, do have the advantage of being a part of the Amazon. We should capitalise on it in support of our quest for environmental sustainability.

Best regards,
Jamil Changlee