…Claudette’s case
In the eight months since Claudette Singh was appointed a GECOM Chair, “enigmatic” is probably the kindest interpretation of her actions. “Erratic” might be more like it!! The self-styled “Iron lady” seemed to have rusted since her heyday on the Bench. Is it due to exposure to the elements, or was it an inherent weakness due to a lack of the oxygen of morality in her formative years that could’ve prevented from turning her into steel??
There was her Solomonic decision to halt the H2H – surreptitiously introduced by her predecessor, Justice James Patterson, who would be Chief Justice of Grenada via a “slip of the pen” – but its partial data was “grafted’ to the existing NRR data!! It obviously slipped her that Solomon’s “decision” to cut the baby in half, was just a gambit to suss out the real mother!! Claudette’s decision was simply a weasel choice to seem to be giving a bone to each side. She clearly had no commitment to do what was right for Guyana.
Where was she, for instance, when all the hell broke loose at the Ashmin’s Building when the RO unilaterally announced the count? As the GECOM Chair, shouldn’t she have asserted her authority as the person at the top of the Chain and with whom the buck stops?? She was  locked in some room?? Voluntarily or otherwise?? Shouldn’t she have cleared the air by now?? Anyhow we move past her other tacks and turns and consider her present interjection in the “recount” case in front of Justice Holder – the judge who Basil Williams had no compunction in dressing down in open court!!
What’s this nonsense about the “wrong” affidavit submitted to the court?? In that document she stated that the count in Reg 4 by RO Mingo was done in compliance with the statutory provisions!! And that GECOM couldn’t go along with any recount requested by Caretaker Granger and Opposition Leader Jagdeo. Is she saying that’s “wrong” in that she never saw the affidavit? Or is it that several affidavits were composed with different positions on the recount – and the “wrong” one sent out?? In any case, whatever it was, she needs to make it clear – especially if the GECOM lawyers who no one knows who hired them – are doing their own thing.
But we now supposedly have the “right” affidavit. The good Chair now says quite clearly that she’s in favour of a recount; she’s already given such a commitment to the CJ; and Granger and Jagdeo’s request came AFTER her stated commitment!!
She also submits precedents asserting GECOM’s authority to order the recount.
But will she do a Solomon, once again?? Who can tell with the rusted Iron lady??

…the COVID response
Like everyone else your Eyewitness has been dealing with the COVID 19 crisis as best as he can. He’s marvelling that in this day of instantaneous communication, fellow Guyanese have maintained their “dong-kay-dam” attitude about the threat. Social distancing?? One meter distancing? His missus informed him that in the markets – including the supermarkets – shoppers were still cheek and jowl. She got some weird looks at her mask. But then we gotta make
What will it take for folks to get serious about the threat?? A total lockdown?? We hear threats…but are we prepared for that?? Not if they keep Nagamootoo as head of the task Force!! But seriously, folks, let’s look at what the countries that got ahead of the curve did and those that didn’t. Right off the bat you can’t wait until someone walks into a hospital before you start testing. We gotta get proactive! Are we still tracking down the folks that were in contact with the ground zero lady and her family??
Just show the people that there’s a plan!

…the alleged suicide
The first thing your Eyewitness thought when he heard about the “suicide” of the fella who’d filed the suit to demand a recount, was “Who killed him?”
If billions are spent to rig an election, where’s the line drawn??