…the PNC’s electile dysfunction
Your Eyewitness received a ton of positive feedback on his naming of the nature of the PNC’s obsession with rigging elections – “electile dysfunction”. It’s a truism that, until a thing is named, we might be affected by “it”, we may be suffering from “it”, but bereft of a name that points to (and identifies) its nature, we really can’t analyse it to deal with those consequences. It’s just a nebulous worry. The label “electile dysfunction” tags the PNC’s behaviour as a pathological condition when it comes to elections. It’s a conditioned Pavlovian reflex induced after so many riggings and manipulations – starting from the attempt to oust Cheddi as PPP leader at the Metropole Cinema in 1954!
PNC leaders are impelled to treat democratic norms as a botheration, and do whatever’s necessary to seize power.
Anyhow, your Eyewitness just caught the tail-end of an interview of VP Jagdeo, in which he elaborated a bit on some of the background goings-on within the PNC camp during their Mingo electile dysfunctional behaviour between March 3 and Aug 2 2020. That (in)famous “5-month-wait-for-elections-results” got us our second mention in the Guinness Book of Records – the first being the 900+suicides at Jonestown! Burnham’s PNC, of course, also played a key role in that record!
What Jagdeo revealed was that there were definitely “camps” within the PNC over the execution of the rigging. Granger at the centre – playing the army general – depended on information from the battleground to make his strategic decisions. His challenge, however, was that his right-hand aide de camp – Lil Joe Harmon – had so much at stake personally that his judgement couldn’t be trusted. Self-interest trumps everything – even decades of loyal service – when it comes to the PNC. Machiavelli is the guiding light!
So, what was Granger to do? Well, Jagdeo revealed, he just decided to bug Lil Joe’s phone and, for good measure, those of Volda Lawrence and Raphael Trotman! Volda wasn’t a surprise…we all knew that after her fisherwoman-style cuss down at Ashmin’s she was an erectile dysfunction hard liner. But Trotman of “Nassau” fame? Whatever happened to the rapprochement between the two card-carrying members of the League of Coloured People to cause that level of distrust? Gotta be Trotman’s insatiable ambitions – as an acolyte of Burnham, he rivalled Granger’s. The latter couldn’t have forgotten Trotman walking out of the PNC after he didn’t get the leadership nod over Corbin. Corbin wasn’t LCP material who deserved to rule over him! So infra dig!!
So, this war-break in the PNC’s top layer didn’t just erupt after Aug 2. The cracks had surfaced during the electile dysfunction meltdown.

…the (PNC) rebels’ programme
It’s all so exciting to be living in Guyana right now. As a Star Wars buff, your Eyewitness can’t help noticing the opposition against Granger’s leadership modelling their activities on those of the rebels against the evil Emperor Palpatine. Right now, they aren’t attacking the Emperor’s home at Coruscant (at Pearl – not the Pearly Gates!) but are mobilising in some of the smaller satellite planets -like Buxton and Victoria.
They’re also using social media in the same manner as the Star Wars’ Com-links to get their message at light speed across the world. In this way, they not only inform the faithful about their cause, but collect loot to fund their activities. So what are some of those activities? As explained earlier, negatively, to delegitimise every initiative of the PPP -like flood relief, COVID vaccination etc – as biased against African-Guyanese! And positively, to demand a return of all “Ancestral Lands”. All culminating, of course, in a massive march down Regent Street!!
Take that, Lord Granger and Count Jagdeo!!

…the Police Quick Response
Your Eyewitness has often criticised the Guyana Police Force – as “tough love”. But he also gives them their “jacket” when they perform their duties professionally.
And cracking the gold-dealer’s robbery was done very professionally.