Expanding …travel horizons?

Your Eyewitness notes the frisson of excitement at the prospect of more and more countries offering “visa-free travel” to us. First it was England – which Guyanese call “Britain” – and now the possibility has been raised that Canada and Italy might be next. “Talks” are being held!!  We’re still a pi55-poor country, according to that World Bank Report which showed that 48% of us are living in poverty. And notwithstanding what the PNC say, it’s not just the 48% who voted for them!! All abee poor!!
So, what gives?? What’s going on?? Each of those countries has stringent measures in place to keep out immigrants from the “Darker World” – who’d do anything, including swimming through shark-infested waters! –  to share their “good life”. Well, obviously, it’s a signal that with our new OIL economy, they don’t think that we’d wanna leave in droves to settle in their countries like we used to do. And from that perspective, it’s really a vote of confidence that the PPP will dodge the “Dreaded Dutch Disease” that seemed to’ve infected other new oil economies which didn’t take precautions. And no…it’s not like COVID, where the countries didn’t have a “mask up and don’t touch” policy – they had to have the foresight to diversify their economy. Which the PPP are doing!!
But your Eyewitness wants to remind those who’re jumping for joy and clicking their heels in the air to remember that fella from Linden, who turned up at Heathrow Airport with £400 in his pocket and a sister waiting to “receive” him – but was turned back. Now, £400 amounts to more than $80,000, and the poor fella obviously felt that with his sister providing room and board and taking him around London, this was MORE than enough to live “life in London”!! But the immigration officer didn’t think so!! And that’s a lesson we should all remember: the folks in those countries don’t understand our WI culture, where it would be rude to put up at a hotel when you have relatives in the country!!
Now, for all intents and purposes, the Yanks have been offering “visa-free” travel to their “land of the free and home of the brave” for years now!! Think about it…after decades of having to pay US$10,000 to go “backtrack” – even to some IN the Embassy!! – do you know anyone who was refused a visa recently?? Even the fella cleaning drains?? And their visas are renewed even when they stay six months and it’s an open secret that they work during that time!! Even our vaunted WI hospitality doesn’t accept guests for six months!!
So, all in all, “visa-free” travel just means that those countries want a piece of OUR oil action!!

Well, for sure Putin knows by now that his blitzkrieg strike into Ukraine – allowing him to annex the friendly neighbouring Donbas region – is gonna be long and drawn out. And that’s because the combatants know that the attack was the “occasion for the war; not the CAUSE of the war”. And until that cause is addressed, that war is gonna be dragged out.
Look where matters stand right now. It was thought that with Russian gas that keeps Europe warm now cut off, the Europeans would lose all stomach for continuing the fight. But it’s clear that the US is willing to fight to the last freezing European!! And amazingly, the Europeans are falling into line!! And we return to the cause of the war – Russian pride, and wanting to save face after NATO encircled it.
WWII was triggered because Germany lost face at the Treaty of Versailles that ended WWI. And while your Eyewitness doesn’t think we’ll careen into WWIII, Russia has a point to prove!!
And the war goes on!!

…Trini floods
Spare a thought for our poor Trini friends as their island is under water from the torrential rains. They partied away their oil money, and never bothered to make preparations for a rainy day!!
Silica City!!