Expectation of recourse from GPF and EPA pointless

Dear Editor,
As I prepare to write another letter about the extreme discomfort experienced on the night of November 26, 2022, due to an event being held on the parking lot of MovieTowne, I pause to ponder what will be the outcome? There is no shortage of letters in the newspapers from persons complaining about noise in Guyana. Recently, I came across a letter from Devanand Bhagwan which was aptly titled: “Not even the sanctity of our homes is immune to the boom box madness” and “Noise in Guyana at madness level”. This letter clearly reveals the plight of so many Guyanese who are forced to endure noise nuisance on a daily basis, especially in our homes, the place where we all go for comfort and peace of mind. So, I wonder, what is my right as a Guyanese in this regard? The expectation of recourse from the Guyana Police Force and EPA is pointless. It is easy to blame the victim for not wanting to be part of the revelry and enjoyment of others. We try to live decent lives demonstrating respect and consideration to persons in our community but we are forced to succumb to the decisions made by a few, who I’m sure sought comfort in their homes after partying all night. We are blamed for living close to MovieTowne, even though at no time were the residents in Turkeyen consulted on the decision to build a mall in the residential area. It was imposed upon us and we are now suffering from all the effects of this establishment, be it noise from the activities in the car park to traffic congestion from poor planning. So again, I ask, what are my rights as a citizen of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana? Am I supposed to move from my home? Should I endure the inconvenience to the detriment of my mental and physical health? Where can I go to experience peace and quiet if not in my home? Am I expected to seek recourse from the courts? What is clear is that there will be no help from the Guyana Police Force nor the Environmental Protection Agency.

Zorina Gafoor