Exposing …Mad Maduro’s weakness

As your Eyewitness has been predicting, Mad Maduro thumbed his nose at the ICJ – and most of the free world – to go ahead with the referendum that “approves” him annexing our Essequibo!! He’s already shown he’s mad as a hatter to interpret the ICJ’s ruling as a “victory” for him – just because the ICJ didn’t explicitly mention “referendum” in their judgement!! Jeez, which part of “don’t take any action that would aggravate the status quo” he doesn’t get?? What action was protested to the court by Guyana?? Not his dumb-a55 referendum??
Did he think the Court meant only if he INVADES, that’s a prohibited action?? So, doesn’t that interpretation defeat the whole point of the ICJ’s ruling, since that would mean “WAR BREAK” – where boat dun gaan ah watah?? So is he gonna also have to slaughter a certain number of Guyanese before he breaks International Law?? Listen – as far as your Eyewitness is concerned, Maduro didn’t only follow Burnham’s example in implementing hare-brained socialist policies that ruined his economy – and the intended poor beneficiaries lost corn and husk.
He’s following Burnham’s example of talking fat – “back-to-back; belly to belly. A doan give a damn; Ah done dead a’ready!!” But like all bullies, he’s also a coward who caves in when faced with pressure from someone bigger than him!! Just like Burnham caved in to Kissinger’s suggestion that he stop the Cuban troop-planes from in-transiting in Guyana to Angola. Yet Burnham wanted to be the hero of Southern Africa’s freedom struggle!! Maduro’s just like those “fowl cocks” who jump up and down – squawking all the while – but does absolutely nothing in the end!!
Let’s take the referendum itself – which is designed just to get the starving Venezuelan masses to vote and then tell the world they support HIM!! Didn’t he have a dry run last week?? Didn’t he also beat the bushes to have folks turn out then?? So, how come he didn’t release any figures?? He was just playing dead to see who’d come out to his funeral! Your Eyewitness understands turnout was sooo low, he promptly let on he’d give all those who can prove they voted 170 Bolivars!! The only fly in that ointment is there’s nothing in the shops to buy!!
Your Eyewitness predicts the turnout is still gonna be very low!! But we know what Mad Maduro’s gonna do, right?? Here again – like Burnham claimed there was a 97% turnout in his 1978 referendum when international observers said 12%! – he’ll announce a massive approval. As if he thinks the rest of the world is also mad!!
Listen, folks…Maduro ain’t going nowhere. The Yanks gotta yank him through free and fair elections!! Free Venezuela!!

…our foes
As your Eyewitness always emphasises – ad nauseam, to some!! – countries should have no permanent friends nor permanent enemies: just permanent interests. And – as far as preserving the sanctity of our Essequibo Border – there’s no greater interest than doing whatever it takes to repel the Venezuelan claim. By any means necessary!! Now there were some murmurs when Mia and Rowley made nice with Venezuela. But even though they’ve got their interests – eventually, they called out Mad Maduro!!
But what about China and Russia – who also got some skin in the game?? For China – which our Government took some flak for going ahead with their B&I Initiative – but which is close to Maduro – we haven’t heard a squeak!! For Russia, we can read between the lines in their Tass report which parroted the Venezuelan line that the referendum is to resolve the “territorial dispute through direct peace negotiations with Guyana, as is stipulated in the 1966 Geneva Agreement”!!
So the ICJ process isn’t from the Geneva Agreement??

…discrimination “investigators”
Ex-Georgia State Rep, Sister Dee Dawkins-Haigler – with a team of other southern State Reps – visited three weeks ago to investigate claims of discrimination – and worse – emanating from that “Washington Conference”? Have they reported findings to the US Administration as promised?