ExxonMobil, stakeholders participate in oil spill response training

More than 100 persons have participated in emergency response training organised by ExxonMobil Guyana as part of its continued efforts to prepare for an oil spill.

A section of the training activities on the emergency response to an oil spill

The two-day activity followed extensive training on the Incident Command System and included representatives from State bodies such as the Civil Defence Commission (CDC); the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD).
ExxonMobil Guyana Production Manager Mike Ryan explained that the intent was to ensure the teams were mobilised rapidly and as safely as possible to minimise any impact to the environment.
“We’ve designed our facilities to make sure the oil remains where it is supposed to be – in the pipes and in the tanks. But we train really hard; we practise really hard, that in the unlikely event that something happens, we’re ready to go,” he further explained.
Ryan said that he was pleased about the participation of key Government stakeholders. “We are learning a lot from each other. We must make sure we fully understand the roles of all agencies in Guyana, looking at all these scenarios so that we can act promptly and minimise impact.”
Meanwhile, CDC Director, Lieutenant Colonel Kester Craig indicated that activities, such as this, were complementary to the national response plan. “There may be gaps and the exercise will definitely help us to put things together. You cannot wait until there’s an event to test your plan,” he posited.
This particular exercise brought in expertise from abroad through ExxonMobil’s regional response team, working alongside the local team and agencies.