Fact-finding debunked by fact-obvious

Dear Editor,
This was succinct and appropriate: “Govt refuses to meet visiting US delegation on ‘fact-finding mission’.” Quickly, before I address this bizarre situation, I cannot understand why it is called ‘fact-finding’, and why dignify the group by giving it the tag ‘delegation.’ It is like a big ‘duh.’
So, first, a revisit would help to put things into perspective. Editor, I recall that on Aug 20, 2022, in “Debunking the evil of ‘Cuffy 250,” it was pointed out that Accountant and Financial Analyst Floyd Haynes opted to completely distance himself from the ‘Cuffy 250’ forum, because the chosen topic was “Resisting the emerging apartheid state,” (meaning Guyana).
Floyd was appalled, saying that it was “…ludicrous and vexatious at its best.” He detailed in the press, as reiterated in the letter, that he informed the Chairman of the Committee, Norman Ng-A-Qui, regarding “…protesting his inclusion in the line-up of speakers at the forum scheduled for August 21, and calling for the immediate removal of his name.” He also noted that he had not been asked, formally or informally, to be a part of the programme.
In fact, so upset and uncompromising the man was that he “…expressed consternation that his name was included on a list of speakers at this “Resisting the emerging apartheid state” forum, organised by the ‘Cuffy 250’ Committee.
Back then, it was felt that those behind the ‘Cuffy 250’ group were mere agents provocateurs, and that the actual topic was not just a blatant denial of reality, but was very inciting and could only be for the purpose of resurrecting fading angst that was in the first place unjustified.
Concerning the ‘now’, let me debunk quickly this ‘fact-finding committee’, whose members are here to supposedly confirm anti-black discriminatory acts by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic. My quick questions are: Who were the immigrations officers at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (when the group arrived)? What kind of Police officers were on the roadways (as the members left the airport)? What is the composition of the PPP/C Government? Do I need to say more?
I remind this ‘quack delegation’ that in November 2018, erstwhile Minister of Public Health and Chairwoman of the People’s National Congress (PNC), Volda Lawrence, sounded the warning that, “The only friends I got is PNC so the only people I gon give wuk to is PNC… And right now, I looking for a doctor who can talk Spanish or Portuguese and ah want one that is PNC.”
No wonder Haynes detailed that he “…completely reject (ed) the phrase, ‘resisting the emerging apartheid state’ to describe conditions in Guyana.” He stated that, “In my view, this statement is a disservice to all Guyanese. As such, I wish to categorically disassociate myself from it. More importantly, I am a firm supporter of His Excellency, the President of Guyana, and I am absolutely convinced that it is not part of the President’s agenda to create any disparity based on race.”
Secondly, we must bear in mind that this visit is shrouded in suspicion and mischief. Where the PPP/C is concerned, the party noted that “…the delegation and the visit appear to have resulted from a conference organised by ‘commentator’ Rickford Burke, a Guyanese residing in Brooklyn, New York.” As we are all aware, “Burke organised a “Conference on Guyana” in Washington, DC, to which the Government of Guyana was not invited, but which was attended by members of the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance for Change (APNU/AFC) Opposition
The visiting US delegation is being led by the Honorable Dee Dawkins-Haigler and her co-leader, Rep John King (SC). So, the smell of collusion is quite rife. And with justification. Let us remember that it was Burke, with his sordid history, and US Congressman Hakeem Jeffries who, in the August 2021 New York protest, chanted for the inciting of riots and acts of arson in Guyana. In fact, that infamous protest even called for the removal of then US Ambassador to Guyana, Sara- Ann Lynch, who was targeted by the main opposition party, since she was seen as being partly responsible for opposing A Partnership for National Unity’s (APNU’s) plans to rig the 2020 elections.
Personally, I concur with the Government’s position that “It is obvious that these jaundiced, baseless and unfounded narratives of these opposition politicians, unsupported by any evidence whatsoever, have influenced this delegation.” And I, too, call on this pseudo assembly to “…conduct fact-finding (missions) into a number of other issues, including the fraudulent elections in 1968, 1973, 1980 and 1985; the massive violations of human rights and freedoms of the people of Guyana during 28 years of dictatorial rule from 1968 to 1992; the abuse, violence and killing of persons opposed to the Government, including the assassination of Dr. Walter Rodney, a world-renowned historian and a black political leader, and Jesuit priest Father Bernard Darke. The total mismanagement of Guyana’s economy from 1968 to 1992, leaving Guyana as the second poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, second only to Haiti.
Indeed, this is nothing but a politically driven and orchestrated design by opponents of the Government, which seems to have ensnared certain office holders within a few States’ Legislature in the US.
I challenge this motley gathering to visit Linden, Agricola, Melanie, Sophia, and any other predominantly black area and list the inputs and investments there. If honesty prevails, some of the ‘fact-finders’ may end up choosing to live in Guyana.
Yours truly,
HB Singh