Failure by GECOM to conclude the 2020 elections worrying

Dear Editor,
Guyana’s elections is making history all over the world. Elections were held over eight weeks ago and GECOM has not concluded this in a transparent and credible manner. Guyanese and the rest of the world know that there is a winner but GECOM, headed by a former esteemed Judge, wants to project another winner in collusion with that particular political party. The media has covered extensively the blatant attempt to rig the election by elements within GECOM under the Chairmanship of Justice Singh. What Guyana and the rest of the world saw on March the 4 and thereafter and to date is a blatant and naked attempt to steal democracy from the people of Guyana. Thanks to opposing parties, local and international observers, GECOM and their favoured political party has been unable to get their desired outcome as of now. We hope the recount will conclude this election once and for all in a fair and transparent manner.
The result of all this stalemate has had dire consequences for many Indigenous and hinterland persons. Communities are on the verge of starvation. Forest and mining activities which the interior people depend on for a livelihood has almost come to a halt. Coupled with the post-election turmoil is COVID-19. Government and the Task Force response has been lacklustre and there are no coordinated efforts to relieve the people in the far-fetched communities of the social and economic woes that are taking place. Unemployment is on the rise, mothers resorting to cooking rice and salt for their families and children go to bed hungry. This is what GECOM has inflicted on our Amerindian and other hinterland people.
We call on the GECOM Chair, a once esteemed Judge, to rise up and deliver for our children who are crying out in the wilderness. Blood will be on your hands, Madam Chair, if you do not deliver credible results in the shortest possible time. This is all our children are asking for, a free, fair and credible election. How can you watch our children go to bed hungry knowing fully well you and GECOM are the root cause of all this?

With regards,
Peter Persaud