Fallen Government…

…and death twitches
Joe Lewis, the greatest boxer the world has ever seen, once taunted a rival by saying: “You can run, but you can’t hide.” They were both in a ring, under bright lights, in front of thousands of onlookers, of course, when Joe promptly delivered his trademark knockout punch!! Well, that is a cautionary tale for the PNC as it keeps on running away from the PPP under the bright lights of at least the entire West Indies, as they refuse to allow the people of Guyana to deliver what they know will be a knockout blow to their solar plexus!! They can run, as they’ve been doing since December 21, but they can’t hide!!
The referee in this match is the CCJ; and last week, they threw out the PNC’s ridiculous half-men and unilateral appointment cases on every ground they had raised in their desperate attempts to avoid the consequences of the NCV from last December 21 – DEATH!! That being, the immediate resignation of the President and Cabinet and elections in 3 months!! The CCJ, however, took pity on the PNC, and to save their further blushes, didn’t issue the “consequential” orders that flowed from their judgements. They told the PNC to sit down with the PPP and draft orders that would be best for the country and present their joint proposals on Monday.
But they, all and sundry, knew that once the CCJ – the highest Court for Guyana – had spoken, there was nowhere left for the PNC to run!! They’d literally been “cornered”, the death blow delivered, and they were dead men walking: THE PNC GOVERNMENT HAD FALLEN!! Granger was no longer President and the Ministers were no longer Ministers. All they were now left to do was work with the Opposition leader to replace the GECOM Chair and to set the elections date.
But the PNC, being the PNC, of course, didn’t do any of that!! It has been shown that even dead animals will twitch if electricity is passed through them. In fact, the nephew of the fella who discovered the phenomenon (Galvani), went on to “wake up” some corpses using the electrical impulses from lightning for the amazement of morbid onlookers!! And it looks like this is what’s activating the fallen PNC Government!! The electrical jolt of billions and billions in oil revenues have galvanised them into reflexive actions that were imprinted over the decades.
They just had their (paid) supporters picket the main GECOM office in GT, and also some in the regions, demanding House to House registration before elections!! Which would add another six months to preserve their corpse!!
And the meeting with the PPP? They sent an invitation for “next week”!!

…and politicking with state funds
Since the Government has fallen and are dead, Guyanese have to stop giving to the corpses that’ll be showing up amongst them, pleading for their votes!! Apart from the fact, it’s an abomination to consort with the dead to determine your future – necromancy!! They’ll be illegally using state funds to campaign. This was admitted by no other than the Minister of Public Security, Khemrak Ramjattan, the man who would be Prime Minister!!
In past elections, all Governments have attempted to dance between those raindrops – but they haven’t ever been thrown out by a No-Confidence vote!! Since the President and Cabinet are no more, they can’t initiate any spending programmes unrelated to the holding of elections. Now, of course, if they really want your vote, they can start spending money from their own accounts in your communities!! Notice that your Eyewitness didn’t say “spending their own money”!!

It’s your money which they funnelled into their accounts – like that fella in MPI – that’ll be coming back to you!! Have any qualms!
Payback’s a bitch!!

 …and titles
So now that the President and his Cabinet are now officially illegal, but can hang around to see us through the elections, what do we call them?