…into the race trap
Your Eyewitness wasn’t surprised to see Lil Joe Harmon desperately trying to ride Hakeem Jeffries’s coattails after the latter went out on a limb on Guyanese politics because of his special “friend”. But the performance was as pathetic as it was opportunistic! After all, Hakeem’s “friend” has been totally contemptuous of Lil Joe and his sponsor, David Granger, in waging his social media war against them from his Canarsie, Brooklyn apartment.
Imagine, a teenage go-fer in Desmond Hoyte’s OP claiming he was the big man’s “Special Assistant”!! Anyone with the faintest acquaintance with Hoyte would know this is a fabulist concoction. When it comes to Hoyte’s dealing with juniors, we should remember his riposte as to why he unilaterally fired Aubrey Norton as General Secretary of the PNC: “he’s my creature”!!
But back to Harmon. In the internal and external power struggle to replace him and his sponsor – let’s call them “DAG-LJH” – from the PNC’s leadership, his adoption of the extremist “racist” rhetoric of the fringe elements is a clear sign that he’s been rattled. Why else would he want to jump on the “racist” outbidding when his DAG-LJH combine still controls the party machinery?? The wannabe leaders are just trying to get the attention of the party faithful by yelling “Fire! Fire!!” That they’re doing this in the middle of a crowded theatre is precisely the point. They’re trying to create a panic and chaos, in which they MIGHT come out on top.
But Lil Joe should know that unless those pipsqueaks baying at his legs can transform the riled-up yahoo base – like the anti-vaxxers fringe! – into votes at Congress, they’re just pi55ing in the wind! And that can get pretty messy – for them! The DAG-LJH clique are the beneficiaries of the PNC internal rigging machinery, and, back in 2011, “defeated” Carl Barrington Greenidge, who has more pedigree than Secretariat!! The Aubrey Norton challenge was just an annoyance! So, Lil Joe should’ve just let the latest storm in a teacup from Brooklyn pass.
Or was he rattled by the speed in which the Taliban overran the Afghan Government? But he should know that these erstwhile challengers are no Talibans – not even the ones who’d popped up behind Buxton! They have no ideology, no organization, and no strategy. They’re just a bunch of rabble-rousers who can make a lot of noise! And we do know that empty drums are the ones that make the most noise, don’t we?
Lil Joe should know that by also regurgitating the charges of “PPP’s racist discriminatory disbursement” in the welter of Govt relief packages, his base knows that they’re beneficiaries.
And he’s getting conned by some hustlers!

…again, into the abyss
In the Book of Job, in the Old Testament of the Jewish and Christian Bible, the author is tested by God (on a dare with Satan that Job would then denounce him) in all sorts of horrible ways – killing his ten children, losing all his wealth and his health. But Job accepted all his suffering and retained his faith in God. Job, of course, lived thousands of years ago, and, maybe for some, the story has been forgotten that even a God who is infinitely good can permit suffering in this world – for reasons that remain inscrutable to us humans.
Your Eyewitness was forced into his rumination as he reflected on the travails that Haiti has been forced to undergo over the last two centuries, when, by its enslaved population defeating one of the most powerful European armies, it became the first Black Republic in the world. Floods, pestilence (from foreign states as well as from nature), earthquakes, hurricanes, dictators, corruption, gangs etc.
Is Haiti the Lot of modernity?

 …into Afghan trap?
As your Eyewitness explained earlier, the “Afghan goat herders” – as they have been dismissed over the centuries – have now brought four empires to their knees -Moghul, British, Russian, and American.
Will the Chinese now take a stab?