Families flock seawalls, parks, gardens to share in Easter joy

Scores of families were observed on the sea wall, National Park and other local parks enjoying the Easter kite flying tradition, painting the skies with an abundance of soaring kites, as they celebrated the tradition to their children.
In an interview with Guyana Times, Errol Spellen shared that his age does not hinder his enjoyment of childhood activities, as he enthusiastically embraces the traditions he grew up with and also passes it down to youths who are willing to enjoy themselves.

President, Dr Irfaan Ali and his son, Zayn, flying their kite at Everest Cricket Club Ground

“I have to keep this tradition because it’s what my father taught me from small you know, right now I have Grandchildren and I can’t see them grow up without practicing in the good fun activities like flying kites as I once did.” Further stating that he hopes that what he has taught his children would be practiced for a long time, he stated that he hopes that what he has done will be passed on even when his generation comes to a halt.
Other fathers also joined in, sharing their experiences of celebrating the holidays with their children and loved ones. They expressed the importance of experiencing traditions from scratch with their children, including the process of making kites together. By engaging in this hands-on activity and then flying kites alongside their kids, they believe it creates a full-circle experience of bonding and tradition. This view was shared by a parent hailing from the wet bank as he expressed that he and his son have spent years enjoying the activities and as of this year the kite that thy have made to participate in the kite flying activities only took a short time, “Me and me son spend three hours hay fixing this kite and we enjoying it, only three hours” he conveyed towards reporters.
Not only were enthusiastic men, skillfully navigating their kites against the heavy winds, but scores of females also joined in on the live kite flying action. One woman describes that though the sun was blazing and she and her kids were sweating, she was not letting that stop her experience with flying kites with her kids.
Stealing the spotlight on Monday was a 32-year-old man who strolled along the sea wall accompanied by a group of youngsters aged 16, 20, and 15, effortlessly carrying the most gigantic octagon-shaped kite the easter celebrations would have witnessed through the crowds.
When asked who built the kites, his friends joyously pointed towards him when he then expressed towards the reporters of his feelings to undergo this activity which he had done. The 32-year-old he relayed, “I am very glad to be giving the youths this experience to fly a kite as big as this,” he stated whilst then holding onto the thin threading for the kite alongside the three as they were ready to set it in the air.
Meanwhile Guyana Times met up with Education Minister Priya Manickhand at the education ministry’s ground, she spoke about the significance of Easter stating that “Easter is a day of hope, redemption and forgiveness” and would like individuals to use this day to look back and identify ways in which they can adjust and better their lives, with assistance from the Government to ensure that the next generation is much better than we are. She also spoke about the importance of Easter to the family stating that Easter is a very important holiday that brings together the family, and for that reason. The Education Ministries ground was opened for the staff and member of their family’s minister Manickhand also noted that the foundation of any strong society is the family and that families of all forms from single parent to extended should be supported in any way possible.
The grand kite flying showcase in Georgetown on Monday was a true representation of the tradition of Easter, which continues to transcend the various sub-cultures in Guyana. This aspect of culture is reminiscent of Christian influences in the Guyanese society, but also presents a reminder of the diversity that exists, as yet another tradition is celebrated by the masses throughout the country. (G1)