Families to take protest action to President’s, CHPA offices

Sophia squatting area

Families in Sophia, Georgetown whose houses were either demolished or are expected to be demolished are strongly contending that they are not in receipt of any notice of eviction.
An unemployed mother of two said she has been home every day for the past three months, and never received notice to relocate. She said she has no alternative accommodation for herself and children, aged 5 and 9.
“We don’t have anywhere else to go. After that day, we just started searching to see if we get vacant land, so we trying. This is so terrifying,” she told this publication on Saturday.
Another resident, Mark Norton, said he is counting his losses, since he was unable to save any of the groceries he had stored in the shop he operated. He said he has four children all under the age of twelve, and his only source of income was the shop he was operating. Norton further noted that he’s currently looking for new ways and means of surviving. Norton was made aware of the demolition process after he received a telephone call from a relative.
“Before Granger go in power, he said that we must occupy the land, cause the country got nuff. Now all of a sudden he saying something else. I don’t think these people got families,” an irate Zizzy Daphness told this publication.
Sophia residents say they will be staging protest activities on Monday at the Housing Ministry and at the President’s Office, where they will be requesting an audience with the Head of State.
On Thursday last, several families were left homeless and numerous others were left contemplating their next move as the Central Housing and Planning Authority’s (CH&PA) Anti-Squatting Task Force commenced operations in Sophia.
The Task Force members were accompanied by demolition workers, representatives from the Guyana Water Inc (GWI) and the Guyana Power and Light (GPL), as well as ranks of the Guyana Police Force. The Task Force saw to the demolition of several homes and businesses that were on Government reserve lands in ‘A’ Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown.