Family of dead motorcyclist slams Police for slothful investigation

More than one week after 28-year-old Calwin Nichols lost his life in a vehicular accident, the Police are yet to institute charges against the errant driver and as such, the family members of the deceased man are calling for swift action.
Nichols lost his life on February 16 when the motorcycle he was riding slammed into a parked car along the main access road at Diamond New Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara (EBD).

Dead: Calwin Nichols
Randy Nichols, brother of the deceased motorcyclist

According to the driver of the motor car, the biker was speeding and while in the vicinity of a popular snackette, he lost control of the motorcycle.
But the deceased man’s brother, Randy Nichols is contending that his brother “[doesn’t] ride fast”, and that the information the Police provided was inaccurate.
He noted that based on the account provided by the pillion rider, it was the car that slammed into the motorcycle.
The grieving brother noted that the Police had confirmed that the driver of the motor car was in custody, but was subsequently released. He noted that the slothfulness of the Police investigations into the fatal accident was worrying.
“When we reach at the station, there was not man or nobody there or no car there, so I really want to know what is going on and how they say they have this man in custody, but nobody is in custody, so we got to do something about it. The Police have to look further into this investigation to find out what really going on,” Randy stated.
“Is a set of young police at Golden Grove. Is some money paying or they pay off a thing? They ain’t even get a statement from the pillion rider and they supposed to get a statement from she before they put up anything,” he alleged.
He is also claiming that on the night of the accident, his brother was robbed of his cash and other valuables.
“When we looking for his chain and phone and money, we cannot find it, but everybody looking on and videoing instead of helping my brother,” Randy lamented.
A post-mortem examination conducted on Calwin revealed that he died from multiple injuries. The pillion rider is devasted and declined to speak with the media. An attempt to get a comment from the Police Commander proved futile.