Father and daughter, neighbour on trial for fisherman’s murder

A father, his daughter, and their neighbour are presently on trial for the February 14, 2017 murder of 22-year-old Ruby, East Bank Essequibo fisherman, Shereffudeen Nazamudeen. The trial is currently being heard by Justice Navindra Singh and a jury at the Demerara High Court.
Mandy Sukhdeo; her father, Surendra Sukhdeo; and a neighbour, Rean Ghani, are accused of fatally beating the fisherman on the day in question. At the time of the killing, Mandy Sukhdeo was an AFC Councillor.
Mandy Sukhdeo had reportedly claimed that she was confronted by Nazamudeen, who snatched her bag and attempted to escape. She raised an alarm and residents in the neighbourhood pursued the man.
Reports are that Nazamudeen was caught in the ruins of a house. According to reports, he was tied up and beaten by the woman, her father, and their neighbour.
Following the beating, the man suffered severe injuries to his body and was taken to the Leonora Cottage Hospital, where he subsequently succumbed.
Three pieces of wood, suspected to be the murder weapons, were recovered from the scene by detectives.

Dead: Shereffudeen

The woman and her father were immediately arrested, while Ghani was apprehended the following day.