FIFA 2021 Referee Nominees complete fitness test

The Guyana Football Federation has successfully conducted the fitness test for referees who will be nominated for the 2021 FIFA List of Referees.

Sherwin Johnson, Gladwyn Johnson and Kleon Lindey

This was done on October 24 under strict COVID-19 protocols at the National Track and Field Centre at Leonora, WCD. The test was supervised by Member Association Fitness Instructor Lindley Langhorne, who was assisted by Fitness Trainer Tyrone Tyrell and Refereeing Department official Winston Manjet.

Sherwin and Gladwyn Johnson

The participating referees were Sherwin Johnson and Gladwyn Johnson, along with Assistant Referee Kleon Lindey. Former FIFA assistant referee Trevor Porter was invited to attend, but declined at the last moment due to injury. Maurees Skeete also did not participate in the test because of injury; however, she will be re-nominated provisionally, and will have to pass the test when she becomes fit.

Kleon Lindey

In an invited comment, Instructor Langhorne said: “Despite the global pandemic, it’s a pleasure to see the level of commitment of our referees through the fitness test, and this was demonstrated (by) their successful completion of the test. The participating referees demonstrated that they are capable of living up to the standards of FIFA officials, and are well prepared to handle match situations when called upon.”

Langhorne reiterated that the test presents an opportunity for referees to demonstrate their fitness capacity, and he said this can be easily translated into a game setting.
Head of Refereeing, Dion Inniss, said: “Though our match officials have been inactive for several months, I was very impressed with the level of fitness they demonstrated on Saturday. It shows a great sense of commitment and dedication, which are qualities necessary to succeed in refereeing. I wish them well in 2021, when we hope to return to the field.”