Fighting for relevance… in the PNC

The PNC seems to’ve become lost in a Twilight Zone. You know…there’s that feeling they exist, but you just can place them exactly, or determine really what’s going on with them. And this is a party that’s supposed to represent almost 200,000 Guyanese!! The AFC brought in some “top up” crumbs!! The only time we hear about the PNC is after one dust-up or another breaks out among the leadership – or those who want to be in the leadership!!
So, in December, the PNC crossed our radar with the expulsion of David Granger and the election of Aubrey Norton as Leader. In January, there was the War Break to oust Harmon as Leader of the Opposition (LoO); February brought various MPs’ resignations, such as Nicolette Henry and the same Harmon – but post-dated to leave the LoO status quo firmly in place!! In March, Harmon finally resigned, and in April Norton was officially sworn in – as some leaders wondered about their shaky seats! Tensions ran high in the PNC upper tier, since Norton had surrounded himself with a neophyte-filled slate he’d put together, and one that is beholden to him, since they got in on his coattails.
In a seeming conciliatory gesture, Norton announced two “advisers”: Van West-Charles, Burnham’s son-in-law, who lusted to fill the founder-leader’s shoes; and Volda Lawrence, who confessed all her friends are from the PNC, and only they should get Government jobs. Lots of folks praised Norton’s “maturity”. But that’s now been blown to smithereens with Van West’s threat to resign as “adviser”, since Norton hasn’t made himself available for “advice”!! Is an “advisor” an “advisor” if he can’t give “advice”??
Ah…such ontological conundrums!!
Well, Norton was asked a question about his advisors, and he opened his mouth and “story jump out”!! Seems that not getting an opportunity to proffer advice face-to-face, Van West had sent an email to Norton, suggesting he could arrange the meeting that Norton had indicated he wanted with President Ali. Now one would suppose Norton would’ve been pleased, since he’d balked at Ali’s suggestion on meeting “in two weeks” to discuss “constitutionally-demanded consultations”.
Norton wanted “wider” discussions, and at a time he’d help set!! Obviously, he wanted to show he was a leader in his own right, and there should be no hint he was being “summoned”!! Touchy and paranoid? But then he was slapped down for decades as not being good enough by the old PNC leaders!! However, Norton explained that Van West had his own agenda: “I reject Mr Van West-Charles’s attempt to use me as a scapegoat to achieve his personal and other ends”!!
Ouch!! But they do say all publicity’s “good publicity”!!

…and English Investments
President Ali, invited to address some UK investors in the UK, gently chided them for not being “aggressive” enough with the opportunities that’ve been opened up since we’ve been placed on the world’s investment radar after oil was struck. And this is the story of post-independent Guyana in a nutshell, isn’t it? For hundreds of years, Britain was practically the only source of foreign direct investments – as they traded in slaves and our sugar.
But once that was gone, so were they!! They’d say it’s not personal – investments elsewhere generated more profits!! That’s capitalism for you – no sentiments, just cold profits, thank you!! Anyhow, Pres Ali made a point that should be emphasised not only in London, but in Washington. While they rail against the Chinese dragon poaching their “backyards”, they’re ignoring the logic of capitalism – which they champion!!
Your Eyewitness hopes there’s some concrete response from these capitals – if for no other reason than to give the Chinese some competition.
And that’s also the logic of capitalism, ain’t it?

…in our PSC
With the face of corporate Guyana changing so drastically in the new dispensation, shouldn’t the Private Sector Corporation’s board elect some fresh faces to represent the new “One Guyana” business profile??
That’s the logic of capitalism, no?