Finally, the AFC faction of the coalition has returned to its Afro-centric roots

Dear Editor,
The idea that the Afro-Guyanese Race is superior to other races is a long-held PNC dogma. I am not talking about taking pride in one’s race; far from it, I believe that all races are of that school. Rather, it is the dogmatic extremism that all areas of power and position belong to the Black Race only. And with that paramountcy of thought, they go about their interpretation of a certain kind of “ownership” of this country.
These are nice-sounding words in the ears of party supporters. However, in a multiracial society like ours, that notion is an expression of rank racism and backwardness. This rooted dogma has held that party together in a rigging mode for many decades here. However, when the pressures of civilization were brought to bear on them, that course of action was dismantled.
Not to be left undone, The PNC then vigorously embarked on a Plan B, that is: getting those disgruntled members of the PPP who were willing to go along in a partnership with them. Thus began the Alliance For Change party.
The AFC was formed for the sole purpose of grabbing votes from the PPP/C, the target group being Indians; and to achieve that end, they solicited the support of notable personalities such as Charrandas Persaud, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine, Moses Nagamootoo and Khemraj Ramjattan. These guys were recruited to tear down the power base of the PPP, while at the same time vigorously convincing constituents to vote for the AFC. In servitude, the Indian component of the new alliance conscientiously carried out that mandate, hoping in the end to turn over copious number of votes into the hands of a PNC/AFC Coalition.
The Indo-Guyanese aAreas of the Sugar Belt saw a comprehensive campaign, where activists went into every nook and cranny spreading the glorious message of the alliance, a “new party” that will bring about change in the Guyana Landscape. Their efforts bore fruit, in that there was a reduction in PPP votes, brought in by the diligent work of the AFC, and not particularly by the Coalition.
The PPP was indeed negatively impacted here.
But how much of a change could be brought to bear in a party joining hands with the PNC? The change aspect of that alliance was masked by the domineering attitude of the PNC, there was no way an AFC could exert any influence on that coalition of sorts. So, throughout the tenure of The Coalition, The AFC took on the role of a servile appendage to the greater and more formidable PNC/APNU.
Those who stood for change were utterly disappointed with this position, so, the people waited and watched.
The first signs of a rift came with the historic “Yes vote” of Charrandas, he realized that there was no more sticking around in an alliance that had the signature stamp of The PNC written all over it. For him, a stay in the alliance also meant he had to be subservient to the rigging and corruption of an incorrigible PNC. Charrandas couldn’t take it any longer, so he bolted. With Charrandas gone, the other Indo-Guyanese were saddled with the burden of carrying out the dictates of the autocratically corrupt PNC; it was the PNC/APNU all over again.
So, in recent developments leading up to their party congress, Ramjattan publicly recused himself from the leadership race, leaving it up to Sherod Duncan, Nigel Hughes, and David Patterson to take control of the party once again. Please note that those individuals mentioned above were diehard PNC operatives all along, only hibernating undercover for a while before finally owning up to their true selves. It meant that the AFC is now firmly “A Black People thing.”
How much of a standing they might have in an election is left to be seen, because what we do know is that they have already painted a dismal picture to the Guyanese public, which cannot be erased, coupled with the numerous scandalous accusations facing the PNC, a morbid scenario awaits.

Neil Adams