Fire destroys abandoned Celina Resort

Six men were on Sunday arrested for a fire of unknown origin which erupted at the deserted Celina Resort, Kitty Seawall, Georgetown.
According to reports, at around 17:00h a traffic rank who was on duty at the Kitty Roundabout observed smoke emanating from the compound of the abandoned facility. Six men were fleeing the resort’s compound.
The Guyana Fire Service was subsequently summoned and the fire was extinguished.
Further investigations revealed that the fire started in a condemned building on the eastern side of Celina Resort, which is usually occupied by vagrants.
The six men have since been detained, but were later released after denying setting fire to the building.
Further investigations continue.
Only last year February a fire completely destroyed the upper flat of the abandoned resort.
The fire, according to then Fire Chief Kalamadeen Edoo, was believed to be started by one of the vagrants occupying the building.
Celina Resort closed its doors shortly after the owner began rehabilitating the entity in 2015. Around that time, the works were brought to an abrupt end following the intervention of the then Public Infrastructure Ministry.
Prior to the Ministry’s intervention, the proprietor of the business had ignored several cease orders and opted to continue their illegal construction on the foreshore. This caused the Ministry to launch an investigation into the matter, which was followed by the resort being closed.