Fire Service contains rapid grass fire at UG road

The Guyana Fire Service (GFS) on Thursday contained a massive grassfire from spreading further – a situation which could have escalated as it threatened nearby buildings.

The grass fire was contained by firefighters

At about 10:54h, the Fire Service received reports of a grass fire at University of Guyana Road, Turkeyen.
Acting swiftly, firefighters were dispatched to the scene, and their prompt response has been crucial in containing the blaze.
A water tender, land rover and 22 firefighters arrived at the location by 11:20h, ready to tackle the inferno.
“The fire previously threatened three buildings in the vicinity. However, firefighting efforts managed to contain the fire,” the fire service shared.
Residents and bystanders have been urged to cooperate with emergency personnel and follow any instructions provided for their safety and the successful extinguishment of the fire.
In neighbouring Suriname, nearly 1,400 hectares of land has already burned due to a current spell of drought. In Wageningen, Nickerie the population has been suffering for days from heavy smoke as a result forest fires. It is a scenario which has strained the firefighting resources in the area.